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Omg! Men Now Carry Around Fake Six Pack Just to Impress Girls (See Photos)

People are really becoming more extreme and vain as men now can have fake abs and chest given them to look good.
Men now do plastic surgery for fake abs and chest
In the quest for beauty and perfection, some people are taking extreme risks to achieve what they want. It is now an easy thing for women to go for butt and breast enlargement which they show off after surgery. All you need is just to have the money for the operation.
Well, the men are not left out now as they can get fake packs and chest through plastic surgery. However, a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Leif Rogers, MD, FACS has warned people to be very careful following a botched operation carried out for a man which fell short of being normal.
He urged people to go to professionals who are proven in order to avoid complications that might lead to death.

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